Real Estate Mentor
Invest in Yourself and Boost your Productivity!
Do you want to feel fullest? Do you want to create a strong and secure foundation with which
you can build your whole life?
Then start investing in yourself. Because you are worth investing for...
Real Estate Mentor
Invest in Yourself and Boost your Productivity!
Do you want to feel fullest? Do you want to create a strong and secure foundation with which
you can build your whole life?
Then start investing in yourself. Because you are worth investing for...
Before you know more about me, you must have knowledge about mentorship
What is Mentorship?
A reciprocally beneficial partnership of two or more people. That has pure goals of benefiting each other either professionally or personally. It typically offers personal and professional advantages of both parties. Mentorship provides you an opportunity to enhance your skills, expands your ideas and viewpoints, improve your communication skills, enhance your problem-solving skills, and above all improve you As a Person.

Who are Mentors?

Mentor is a highly skillful, experienced and professional person, who shares his knowledge, experience and skills with an inexperienced and less-motivated person. Mentors are highly trustful people with whom a mentee can share his problems and confusion and ask for help. A mentor helps mentee to improve his skills, helps him to become more productive and beneficial for himself and his profession too, and helps mentee to advance his career opportunities.
Jerry Harris, A Talented Land Financial Backer
I am Jerry Harris, a CEO in Memphis, TN, is quite possibly the most proficient person out there with regards to fixing and flipping homes and land interests. Recently, I have finished 23 fix and flips and 19 discount bargains. I have reliably substantiated myself as an industry master and am become well known as quite possibly the most respectable land financial backers and fix and flippers in the Memphis region.
I currently desire to help other people experience similar achievement and offer my administrations as a guide, mentor, and powerful orator. It accepts that everybody can make similar progress as I have; they simply need to get over the obstacles in their way instead of running the alternate way.
I, as the land master, are offering instruction and mentorship to help other people get familiar with the land engagement. I want to teach individuals the best way to repeat my procedure for finishing many flip and fix projects.
I'm going to teach you the hardcore facts about Real Estate Investing
Make money wholesaling properties without using your own cash
Make money Finding, Fixing & Flipping properties
Learn how to create passive income as a landlord
Get Start With The MentorShip
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Discover The Simple, Highly Effective Techniques You Can Use To Buy Property & Become a Successful Real Estate Investor

...with Some Money in the Bank!

The biggest challenge facing would-be real estate investors today is getting money to do deals. To help you overcome the “money challenge”, I’ve written this short, but information-packed book that will put you squarely on the fast track to having all the cash you need to start investing in profit-producing real estate deals.
My knowledge to become a Successful Real Estate Businessman!
I am an instructor and persuasive orator that utilizes genuine experience and commonsense guides to impart valuable information. The land business can be interesting yet with the correct information, apparatuses, and resources, success is unavoidable. I accept that land financial backers should explain their speculation objectives and realize their present buying power before venturing out. They additionally need to sort out their land financing and buying technique, get enlisted and authorized, comprehend the Memphis housing business sector, and buy the property with development in mind. Part of the explanation I have been fruitful in a direct result of making and keeping up dependable associations with workers for hire and organizations. I accept others need to remember this methodology for their arrangements to get fruitful in the land business.
Some Pictures Of My Recent Mentorship
WAIT! What You Will Get In These Three Days
You will learn the fundamentals of a real estate how to locate deals understand systems how to structure your deal. How to deal with realtors, wholesalers how to hire a virtual assistant.
You will be working on deals understanding numbers to guest speakers in wholesaling, fix and flipping funding, investor-friendly realtors where to locate all these people.
You will be in field day inspecting property meeting the crews that work on them understand how the fix and flip model works home depot and other suppliers run.
I’m going to show you how to...
  • The best strategy tools
  • The problem-solving skills related to land flip and fix
  • Provide personal satisfaction
  • The best land engagements
  • Improved and highly professional procedure for finishing flip and fix projects
  • An experienced guideline
  • A well-nourished mentorship
  • A trustworthy and beneficial work space
  • The best buying techniques
What benefits you will get?
  • Valuable advice
  • Development of your knowledge and skills
  • Acquire new perspectives
  • Building up of your network
  • Advancement of career
  • Help you to become fruitful in land business
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